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MAR 2017

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B e a u t y h a n g e s L i v e s ! P resident and founding member of Beauty Changes Lives (BCL), Lynelle Lynch, took time out to talk to Beauty Store Business about the unique mission of BCL and the upcoming fifth annual Beauty Changes Lives Experience event on March 26, 2017, held at the Art Institute of Chicago during America's Beauty Show. An accomplished visionary and entrepreneur in her own right, Lynch has served as president and owner of Bellus Academy a leader in beauty education head- quartered in San Diego, California, since 2005. BCL is a foundation that lifts the perception of beauty careers by providing life-changing scholarships, mentorships and experiences for beauty students and professionals. Beauty Store Business : What originally inspired you to create BCL? Lynelle Lynch: It really came from what I saw in the eyes of my students when they told me of their life journey and the challenges they had in gaining the confidence and family support to enter this industry. So many of our students have been forced to go to college or have been asked to do other careers because the perception of going to beauty school was that it was for high school drop outs or for people who really did not have a successful career pathway. And yet, I have been blessed to meet so many successful icons in our industry that have worked at salons, or owned salons, or worked for manufacturers. It just struck me that provid- ing a foundation that had the singular goal of elevating the perception of the beauty career would be the ultimate way to give back to this industry. What does a beauty career offer? Beauty offers some of the most satisfying career paths. If you think about being a doctor, you have a bunch of people who come to you that are sick every day—or think about an attorney that has people wanting to sue each other every day. In beauty, we have people coming to us to make them feel better. It is a self-supporting, self-gratifying industry. How does BCL elevate a career in beauty? We inspire students through our stories that showcase mentors and icons. We have a lot of rich video content available. So when a student is starting beauty school and they are saying, for instance, "My parents don't want me to do this," we refer them back to this rich content. Something happens when they watch someone like Ted Gibson tell his story of how he was born to an army father in Texas who did not support his career in beauty and see how today, he charges $1,500 for a hair cut. Once we elevate their perception of their own profes- sion, we think the next catalyst will be to take it to the consumer. We are trying to do this in some small ways, for example, with our very first product royalties, which allows the Beauty Changes Lives logo to get out there. BCL offers seven scholarships. Can you please tell us about a few? Vidal Sassoon This is the first one that we launched, and it was a very proud moment for us. We received a gift from the Wella Corpora- tion (Proctor & Gamble at the time and now Coty) of $1.5 million in memory of Vidal Sassoon. And those scholarships are twice a year. One is for people entering the industry. That is up to 10,000 in order to go to beauty school. The other is for licensed professionals who want to elevate their career. And they can win one week at the Vidal Sassoon academy. CND Tippi Hedren CND founded a scholarship in honor of Tippi Hedren. This is such a beautiful story. Tippi was one of the celebrities who went around to the Vietnamese camps during the war to perform. When the war ended and the camps opened, she sponsored one entire camp to go to univer- sity so they could integrate into the United States. There were 20 women who weren't going to be a doctor or an attorney—and she sponsored those 20 to go to nail school. And those 20 women created the Asian nail mar- ket, which is 20 percent of the nail industry! We honored Tippi Hedren with our second annual legacy award. CND raised over $200,000 to launch a nail scholarship that is valued at $5,000 to go to nail school. Leo Passage Scholarship In our third year, Leo Passage was our legacy recipient. His family donated $1 million to the foundation in the spirit of what Leo Passage was all about, which was education. He founded the Pivot Point educational com- pany and was always very passionate about competition. Every year this scholarship has changed or evolved. Last year, 25 educators won the opportunity to go to a jam session. This year, there are four students that are going to attend our Chicago event and be part of the "NextGen" [the next generation of beauty professionals] that presents models. So, Leo Passage is being honored and recognized for his legacy of really committing to the next generation of beauty professionals. It's really exciting! How can brands and people get involved in this year's BCL fundraiser in March? We have a variety of ways in which brands can gain recognition. They can sponsor a NextGen team. It's the highlight of the evening. The icons of our industry take a back seat mentoring and coaching people who have been in the industry for one, two, three or four years. These NextGens are the stars that are creating the looks on the models that are presented in the evening. So brands can be a sponsor of any portion of this—whether it's dinner, the photo booth, the disc jockey, or the social media wall. They can really elevate their connections in terms of presenting their brands to these NextGens. You can also buy tickets to the dinner at $300 each. It's limited to only 300 individuals. Sponsorships range from $5000 up to $40,000. We also, are kicking off an opportunity for someone to start a scholarship fund starting at $50,000. We are a 501(c)3 charity under the IRS. So you do gain the tax benefit! ■ 10 March 2017 | Image courtesy of Beauty Changes Lives Beauty C Changes Lives! Elevating the perception of the beauty industry as a viable and rewarding career choice. Get Connected! @beautychangeslives @BtyChangesLives Lynelle Lynch

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