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SEP 2013

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The Last Page I love to cook. To me, it is a great luxury and so relaxing to spend time in the kitchen preparing an elaborate ______________________________________________________________________________________ meal to enjoy with my family and friends. I think I could take __________________________________________________________________________________________ on Gordon Ramsay . . __________________________________________________________________________________________ What would readers find surprising about you? ____________________________________ I play the banjo. Yes, I __________________________________________________________________________________________ said the banjo. Who is your hero and why? ___________________________________________________________ My hero has to be plural—my parents. _______________________________________________________________________________________________ After almost 55 years of marriage, they continue to teach me __________________________________________________________________________________________ what's important—and what's not—every single day. What talent would you most like to have? _____________________________________________ If I could sing, you wouldn't ________________________________________________________________________________________ be able to keep me quiet! What was your first job?_______________________________________________________________ I worked as a teller at (what is now Wells __________________________________________________________________________________________ Fargo) bank. The only thing that makes this remotely interesting __________________________________________________________________________________________ is how I got the job. As a high-school senior, I was awarded a __________________________________________________________________________________________ full-ride academic college scholarship. In the final interview for __________________________________________________________________________________________ the scholarship, the bank president gave me his card and __________________________________________________________________________________________ said to call him if I needed anything. The next day I called him and __________________________________________________________________________________________ told him that I needed a summer job, which he kindly said __________________________________________________________________________________________ he would try to sort out for me. My parents were horrified when __________________________________________________________________________________________ I told them what I'd done, but the next week I was cashing __________________________________________________________________________________________ checks and taking deposits! What's your favorite sport? ___________________________________________________________ Football, hands down, especially when __________________________________________________________________________________________ our 9-year-old son is laying the smack down on the field. I love __________________________________________________________________________________________ watching him play, and I am proud to say that he has deemed __________________________________________________________________________________________ me to be "the world's loudest mom." I don't think he meant it __________________________________________________________________________________________ as a compliment. What are you proudest of? ____________________________________________________________ I am most proud of my husband and business __________________________________________________________________________________________ partner. Amidst seemingly (in those moments, anyway) insur__________________________________________________________________________________________ mountable obstacles, he has unwaveringly remained true to his __________________________________________________________________________________________ vision for our business. And here we are. Yes, this is me saying __________________________________________________________________________________________ "You were right," honey! Kristel White After graduating magna cum laude from The University of North Carolina at Charlotte, Kristel White pursued a predetermined career path in banking. After three long years in that path, she escaped into the world of beauty and hasn't looked back since. She spent 11 years with Barnhardt Manufacturing as national sales manager for its Intrinsics brand, during which time she cultivated her passion for the business and her relationships throughout the industry while transforming a brand with modest five-figure sales into a multimillion-dollar market leader. In 2004, White "retired" to stay home with her children. "What a blessing, a joy, and a gift," she says of this time. But in 2009, given the opportunity to start a business with her husband, Jeff, she didn't hesitate, co-founding J. White & Associates, a national firm that specializes in the sales and marketing of emerging market leaders. Their unique vision and brand representation have put many new brands on the map and taken proven brands to new levels of success. White specializes in regional professional distribution as well as the retail market, focusing on prestige, middle-market and e-tailers. She has even brought such unique opportunities as noted retailers Brookstone and Frontgate to J. White & Associates' vendor partners. "Nobody works harder for us; she's fearless," states Habib Salo, CEO of Young Nails, a J. White & Associates legacy partner brand. White currently serves on the board of directors of InReach, a not-for-profit organization serving the developmentally disabled in North Carolina, sponsored by J. White & Associates' charitable foundation. 84 September 2013 | ■ Shelley Moench-Kelly is managing editor of Beauty Store Business. Image courtesy of Kristel White What are your hobbies? _______________________________________________________________

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