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who mentored me—including traditional herbalists and dermatologists—I became a cosmetic chemist and went through rounds of trial and error before finally hitting on my unique exfoliate and ideal emulsion. I continued from my earlier days of helping to heal my body with herbs, learning from a local herbalist, and then, for each roadblock I hit in terms of working with natural chemistry, I would study with my mentors. I can't possibly remember all of the things I didn't know that long ago. But I finally figured it out, as well as began to get deep into the cosmetic industry, uncovering and learning about the truth beyond what is read on a label or bottle—information that mostly horrified me and solidified [my determination to] stay true to my ideals and share my knowledge. I launched four products, among them, still the most popular today—the exfoliate foaming cleanser along with my first emulsion now known as velvet hand & body cream. When was suki founded and what is its mission? suki was founded in 2002. My goal has always been to solve my skin problems, knowing there must be other people like me seeking solutions. I wanted to create a skincare brand that actually does what it says, is actually effective and truly pure. Along this journey, my confidence has grown, not only because I solved my own skin problems, but because I've gone through the struggles of growing and maintaining a business on my own, which has changed me greatly from that insecure girl. My story is the same as millions of other women. This is why my tagline "Know Your Beauty" is so important to me. It's about being educated and informed, empowered and confident—in exactly who we are—embracing our ages, our histories, and all the struggles we've endured and overcome to become the people we are. We're not perfect or a fabricated facade perpetuated by people who capitalize on our insecurities; but we embrace ourselves for the individuals we truly are—accepting ourselves and defining what beauty means on our own terms. suki skincare's mission is to empower women to feel beautiful and strong in their own skin, and to provide real, effective and healthy solutions so that true beauty can radiate without inhibition. Please describe the collection in terms of its product range. Our skincare collection is designed to celebrate the uniqueness of every woman, recognizing that no two people share the same skin—each having a unique set of strengths and challenges. However, woman that I know really has only one issue. We all have multiple issues that at times seem to contradict one another like having dry and oily skin. Other products that treat only one specific skin type can aggravate combination skin or frustrate the consumer who believes that she'll solve all her problems with one regimen. Our regimens are designed to address the skin in a harmonizing manner, taking the whole into consideration. "We have complete care kits, which contain all a woman needs to try our line before investing in it." what many brands fail to realize is that we are not the same people we were several years ago. We change in many ways, and our skin changes with us. This is why we developed the evolutionary skincare systems, advanced 100% pure and clinically proven formulations of essentials. It's balancing and nourishing. So it allows each person to create her own unique skincare regimen, and it can easily be adjusted with a woman's changing needs. The line covers the full range of nourishing (combination to dry and antiaging) and balancing (combination to oily and anti-acne) with products that address every woman in between. Our ingredients are chosen because they work together in synergy to create harmony and balance. The balancing regimen addresses underlying causes of bacteria, oil-production imbalances and inflammation; while the nourishing line works to strengthen elastin, jump-start collagen and infuse the skin with high percentages of antioxidants. Each regimen, complex or simple, is based on each person's complexion needs. For instance, a woman may suffer from adult acne, dry skin and fine lines or rosacea with acne scars and eczema. There are so many combinations. In fact, I've never met a woman without combination skin of a sort! Which common skin issues do the products address? The question is: What skin issues do our products not address? Furthermore, no 56 September 2013 | What I'm most proud of is what we've learned from our many clients in treatment, [including those who go] through radiation therapy. The butter cream salve and the velvet hand & body cream provide the skin's essential nutrients, restoring its vitality and minimizing scarring from the burns. I've received so much feedback about how these products are all that clients can stand on their extremely sensitive skin. What types of ingredients are used? Well, it may be clear what we do not use—synthetic chemicals. Not to say it wouldn't be easier to use a synthetic now and again—the fillers possess fantastic flow dynamics and stabilizers, and the coagulators are very consistent, making manufacturing much easier. This is why there are so many different synthetic chemicals that can be legally hidden inside of other ingredients—which consumers don't even know about. And what we don't know can hurt us. We don't know the effects synthetic chemicals can have on our health and wellbeing. There are more than 80,000 synthetic chemicals used in production every day. Only a few thousand of them have been tested for toxicity, not including endocrine disruption or immune factors. The tests are factored for toxicity on a 150-pound man, not a woman or a developing child. suki uses only ingredients that the human body is accustomed to and literally recognizes on a cellular level. For instance, all of our hydrous products begin with the suki proprietary high potency botanic concentrate, a triple-filtered extract of the rosa centifolia buds. Sourced from the steep hills of Grasse, France, between the altitudes of

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